Mind the lìmes|Bologna, 2015

performance, 4 hours, 23 of january started from Porta Mascarella to Porta Galliera.

Mind the limes is the performance that Federica Di Carlo has made the 24 of January during the Art week in Bologna, part of the circuit SetUp Plus fair. The performance wanted to focus the attention on the concept of
vision as an abandoned practice. The artist has circumnavigated with a flashing light in the hand, the disappeared ancient walls of the city.
Passing for the ten monumental’s doors, (built in the early decades of the thirteenth century), crucial centers of the trends of the place but also isolated areas where the past , present and future come in contact only through the suspension of time’s concept. In each of them, the Di Carlo has stopped for a not defined term, awaiting the interaction with passers-by and then inviting them to take charge of the light by placing them in her place at the center of the doors.

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