TIA | Maxxi, 2016

performance, 8 minutes, 6 of october, Cinema Tiziano, Rome, 2016

ph. Altrospazio

It's part of the three events by the Maxxi Action-Interaction: three appointments with the performance, where I was invited to be part of Crossover, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil’ Project: where he wondered in what ways the artists can steal a movie theater and interverine with the film during projection.


For eight minutes I wanted to create a sensory short circuit between the audience and the film. Iwas interested by the fact that a film its nothing more than a projection of light and how this boundary were perceivable to our body.

I placed under the movie screen five concert lights, at eye level, which I turned on and off with an improvised rhythm while simultaneously being spread through the room, the sun’s sound recorded by NASA (A very low frequency that resonates inside the body).   The audience was so blinded and thus forced no longer to a passive viewing of a screen, but to an activation that reminded it the power, the relation, the vision of our eyes with the element of light that showing us everything that exists in the world.

So, a moment of violence, of shock, of momentary blindness apparently negative... to be able to "look" beyond and listen for the first time something unknown, ancient, and usually inaudible, like the sound itself of our light, the Sun.


TIA, transient ischemic attack: its a temporary disorder that causes the interruption of blood supply to a limited part of the brain and usually tends to persist for a period less than 24 hours. The symptoms vary from patient to patient, the temporary blindness is one of them.

il suono della luce - NASA
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