Ognuno prende i limiti del suo campo visivo per i confini del mondo

refractive written on the wall, 5 m, 2016

This is a site-specific work that I made for the first time at Palazzo Lucarini, Trevi and then readapt for Dimora Artica’s gallery in dialogue with the architectonical element of the spiral stairscase. In the space I recreated on a wall of nine meters a phrase taken from the german philosopher Schopenhauer, (Parerga and paralipomena, 1851) about the concept of perception and boundary: Everyone takes the limits of own vision for the limits of the world
A mirrored written invites necessarily the viewer to move to be able to read it; the intent is to active the observer that walking from right to left and from left to right, performs a physical action that affects its own visual perception. The work is complete only when these two moments coincide and the phrase is finally read it.

*Inspired by physical law: Diffuse reflection
Its the reflection of light from a surface such that an incident ray is reflected at many angles rather than at   just one angle as in the case of specular reflection. The visibility of objects, excluding light-emitting ones, is primarily caused by diffuse reflection of light: it is diffusely-scattered light that forms the image of the object in the observer’s eye.

Federica Di Carlo, Dimora Artica
Federica Di Carlo, Dimora Artica
Federica Di Carlo, Dimora Artica

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