"The Unbearable Lightness of Being" is an ongoing project.

It is a series of reflections on the nature of light and on the global climate situation, generated by personal scientific readings, dialogues and collaborations with atmospheric physicists. 


The idea is to call into question, perhaps for the first time in human history, the archetype of the rainbow (a symbol of positivity present in all historical, literary, religious, anthropological documents often have associated with a divine nature) and transform it into a symptom of global warming caused by human “lightness”, but also by the violation of natural, ethical and symbolic boundaries between nature and man. 


One part of the project consists of a built online Archive of Rainbows from all over the world and will be used later for a big installation.


If you have some photos of rainbows and would like to be part of it, just send the file with the following details:

  • your name (Your name will be mentioned in the List of thanks, every time the installation will be show, if you prefer otherwise just say so in the email)

  • date of the photo

  • hour of the photo

  • place

to this email: rainbowsupload@gmail.com


Thanks for joining the Project!


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